Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is Sharei Bina for YOU?

Is Sharei Bina for YOU?
It's not for everyone... take our little quiz to see if it's for you!

___You're interested and able to sit in a full day of classes (6-7 hours a day)
___You're looking for a small school in a warm, homey setting
___You're ready to be honest about working on yourself
___You desire to deepen your relationship with Hashem
___You're anticipating hearing deep Torah thoughts that will expand your mind and take you to new holy places in yourself
___You're excited to learn from and respect teachers who are awesome and there for you
___You're ready to spend a year in a calming, peaceful town
___You're interested in creativity and spirituality
___You're mature enough to keep yourself busy in your free time in a positive way
___You're ready to come with a positive attitude and move on with your life
If you scored all YESes, come to Sharei Bina for the most awesome year of your life!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holding On To Every Moment

Tzfat is an amazing place to learn and grow. It's a place for your soul to finally break free and feel the connection to G-d.
When staying in Tzfat you must take advantage of the scenery, kevarim, interesting people and the teachers in Sharei Bina.
Sometimes it's hard to start anew but next thing you'll realize, "It's Pesach", what happened to the year?
Hold on to every moment connect with others. Most importantly connect with yourself, connect with Hashem!
Devorah Rubinstien

How Do You Sum Up Your Year At Sharei Bina?

One word: Mekarev!
Keren Unger

Best Kept Secret

The world's best kept scecret has been revealed to a lucky few. Sharei Bina has opened it's doors and it's heart to the spiritual seeker who's smart enough to know that there's something more out there. In a world of no guarentees, Sharei Bina is a sure thing. Coming here has upgraded and redifined my life! I'm infinitely glad I did! I love you Sharei Bina! Thanks for giving my life meaning!
<3,Nechama Leventhal-Madricha 09/10

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharei Bina is a wonderful seminary program situated in the heart of the holy city of Tzfat. Our girls hail from around the world: the US, UK, South Africa and Israel. But they all have one thing in common: to learn and grow in the straight path of Torah's light through love, acceptance, and the dedication of the loving staff.

Sharei Bina's spacious building is nestled within the lush mountains of the Galil. The wonderous sunrises and sunsets and the scenic view are an every day reality here. Tzfat's serene atmosphere is the ideal place for Torah learning and growth in all areas. With the staff's one-on-one attention, true love and support, a girl can really feel at home and accepted.

I Love Sharei Bina! Keren Unger 2009/10