Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is Sharei Bina for YOU?

Is Sharei Bina for YOU?
It's not for everyone... take our little quiz to see if it's for you!

___You're interested and able to sit in a full day of classes (6-7 hours a day)
___You're looking for a small school in a warm, homey setting
___You're ready to be honest about working on yourself
___You desire to deepen your relationship with Hashem
___You're anticipating hearing deep Torah thoughts that will expand your mind and take you to new holy places in yourself
___You're excited to learn from and respect teachers who are awesome and there for you
___You're ready to spend a year in a calming, peaceful town
___You're interested in creativity and spirituality
___You're mature enough to keep yourself busy in your free time in a positive way
___You're ready to come with a positive attitude and move on with your life
If you scored all YESes, come to Sharei Bina for the most awesome year of your life!

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